Mentoring | Educating | Motivating

M.E.M Fitness (‘M.E.M’) has its roots in the streets of New York City. Failed by the system, and having made a number of poor life choices as a youth, it was here that the roots of M.E.M began through it's founder Derrick Twum; choosing to focus both mind and body through exercise to combat external negative influences.

Having seen first-hand the positive benefits of fitness on both tackling obesity, providing an outlet for frustrated youths and giving people the confidence and motivation to make better life choices, M.E.M Fitness was born, centred around three key principals: Mentoring | Educating | Motivating.

Derrick moved to the UK in 2009 determined to bring the message of long-term fitness and focussing on the right mindset to deliver extraordinary physical results. Promoting the M.E.M concept though personal training and outdoor demonstrations of the exercise style learnt over the years. The combination of an extreme fitness style, a positive, fresh image and a culturally relevant identity led M.E.M to expand further.

M.E.M have worked with a number of organisations to provide community based youth work including:

  • The Rugby Portabello Trust: working with disadvantaged youths in Ladbroke Grove
  • Job Centre Plus: working with disadvantged unemployed youths in a program of fitness education and motivational workshops
  • U-Phorm: delivering a tailored program to at-risk youths aimed at acheiving REPS Level 1 and 2
  • Bootcamps: number of community based, free bootcamps aimed at all ages and fitness levels

Members of the M.E.M crew went on to win numerous awards and press coverage, and are now recognised around the UK and International fitness scene, featuring regularly at fitness expos, photoshoots and as brand ambassadors.

Today, M.E.M is a growing urban fitness concept, offering quality gym apparal and accessories - designed and worn by fitness professionals. In buying from M.E.M you are supporting a small growing company that remains true to its roots to this day; we continue to support local communities, run apprentiship programs for disadvantged youths and stay strong to our founding principles.

For more information on the work M.E.M is doing in the community, please see www.memfitness.co.uk/about